Letters Home (8:00 PM)

Letters Home


Letters Home” brings the drama of war into focus through actual letters written by soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. The riveting, highly-acclaimed production is inspired by an HBO documentary and Frank Schaeffer’s book, “Voices From the Front.”

The play gives audiences a powerful portrait of the soldier’s experience without politicizing the story. The play has received rave reviews from critics – it was nominated for a Jefferson Award for Outstanding New Play – and has received an outpouring of praise from veterans and their families as well as other theatergoers.

The production uses minimal props, opting instead to use the actual soldiers’ photos and videos to dramatize the monologues.

“Letters Home” not only gives a voice to a generation that went to war against terror, it also reveals what it means to serve our country today through acts of bravery, compassion, social responsibility and sense of community.


“Extraordinary, deeply moving. The emotional impact of this 90-minute journey is profound.”
Chicago Sun Times