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Earth to Mars: The Bruno Mars Experience

February 3, 2024   7:00 P.M.

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Take your evening to the next level with an unbeatable tribute experience. Looking for Bruno Mars? Earth to Mars delivers!

A group of 5 young musicians came together to form one of the greatest modern tribute acts of today. With the funky sounds of their inspiration, Bruno Mars, Earth to Mars brings you a stage performance and production that will keep you on your feet all night. The band is stacked with world-class, professional musicians from Los Angeles delivering a show certain to captivate and thrill any audience.

​Exciting, inspiring, fun, and entertaining are just a few words that describe E2M's engaging and family-friendly show that appeals to all ages and demographics! Performing a musical lineup of the greatest Bruno Mars hits ever recorded, while also incorporating a mix of your favorite Top 40 audience participation anthems, see why people are over the moon about Earth to Mars!

Earth to Mars show
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